things I’m excited about that don’t involve cancer- #1

So because so much of my life now kind of revolves around cancer I thought that I’d just set little milestones to help me not go crazy.  I decided I should write about them because A) it makes reading this blog a lot less of a downer and B) it makes me feel like I’m normal.  Some of them are events or trips and some of them are as simple as going out to dinner with my boyfriend.  All of them matter a lot to me though.

This weekend is the 3rd Annual Disney on Ice for me and my friends.  It all started because my friend Cassie and I were drunk at a Blackhawks game on a Wednesday night and there were advertisements that Disney on Ice was coming to Chicago and the dates happened to surround her birthday. So we thought “hey this would be like a really good idea for your birthday this year.”  And so we went.  We spent a ton of money on Mai Tais, cried a little bit, and then went out to a bar afterwards.  There were 4 of us that year.

The next year we had 9 girls go.  We all wore Disney apparel and had reject Mickey ears from Disney World. Note: if you ever have a friend do the Disney College Program you should have them get you the rejected ears.  They’re like .75 cents and they are either hats that have misspelled words, hats they practiced on, or hats people never picked up.  Mine says “o Candy Sandy” on the back but my personal favorite was my friend’s Cinderalla themed ears that said “Just En Bro.”  People loved them.  We snuck airplane bottles of booze into the show and basically scream-cried the whole time. It was magical.

This year there are 11 of us going.  We rented a party bus to take us there and pick us up, we made a Disney playlist for the ride there, and we’re pregaming 2 hours ahead of time. We. Are. Ready.  I look forward to this every year but obviously this year it couldn’t have come at a better time.

So wish me luck on Saturday.  Each year has only gotten better and better so I can’t imagine this year being anything but brilliant.

Here’s a Disney song because duh:

Beauty and the Beast- Be Our Guest


things I’m excited about that don’t involve cancer- #1

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