things i’m excited about that don’t involve cancer – #2

I’m off to Disney World next Wednesday with my mom, dad, and boyfriend.  We had planned the trip back in October before everything happened and now it’s the “much needed family vacation” we’ve all been hoping to get to.  Disney World is one of my favorite places  because I’ve built these amazing memories with my parents there.  This is my 9th trip and I’ve never gone without one of my parents at least.

I know this particular post is supposed to be less of a downer but I’m going to go there for a second.  I’m partly dreading this trip too.  Why?  Because this is the last time I’ll go there with my dad.  That’s going to be hard to deal with while I’m there because no matter how much fun I have I’m going to have these horrible thoughts in the back of my head saying “This is the last time we do this… the last time we ride this… the last time we eat here.”  I shouldn’t think like that but how can I not at this point?  I can tell my dad is nervous too and that kind of eats at me.  He’s been more tired lately so I think he’s worried that he’s not going to be able to handle it.  Just today I said “Are you excited for Florida!?” and I got a “I guess so” back.  This is from the man who usually, a week before a trip to Disney, will run around the house outlining exactly what he’s going to do on the first day we get there.

Papa Z and I killing it in Disney on our first trip circa 1993

So here’s the optimism in the post.  I’m hoping we just get there and have the best time.  I know he’s probably going to want to take breaks and maybe even a mid afternoon nap.  That’s totally fine with me.  The point of a vacation is to relax anyways right?  I think maybe once we get there he’s going to get excited and get a burst of energy.  That’s what I keep telling myself at least.

I also think it’s good that my boyfriend is going to be there.  I know with my dad wanting to take things easy we’re probably going to get a chance to go off on our own and do things alone for a little bit.  With this time I’m going to be able to create new memories in one of my favorite places with one of my favorite people.  I think having our own memories there will make it easier on me when I go back without my dad.  I’ve just got to start creating these new moments in old places.  I can’t go around avoiding places just because all my memories there are with my dad.

Anyways, cross your fingers for us.  I just want this trip to go well for my dad.  He deserves this trip.


things i’m excited about that don’t involve cancer – #2

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