Things I was excited about that don’t involve cancer- #3

Little variation on the title there.

I was super excited for my 25th birthday like 5 months ago.  I was planning to take a big trip and have a bunch of my friends come.  Then my mom planned Disney so I thought, ok that trip is right around my birthday so maybe I’ll throw a big party with my friends instead.  Then my dad got cancer.

As my birthday got closer and closer I got less excited which kind of sucks.  I really try to not let my dad’s diagnosis affect things I enjoy but for some reason celebrating my birthday just seemed to decrease in importance.  It’s been getting me down all week because people seem genuinely excited to celebrate with me.  I weirdly feel like I’m letting them down by not making a bigger deal out of it.

So Saturday I’m meeting friends out at our local bar- nothing flashy.  Sunday my boyfriend’s parents are having me over for birthday dinner. Monday (my actual birthday) my mom is making dinner and we’re having cake.  It’s not what I imagined my 25th birthday to be but I’m grateful people care enough to celebrate it.

I’m hoping I get a few drinks in me on Saturday and I’ll get more in the celebrating mood. It would be a shame to be sad on my birthday.


Things I was excited about that don’t involve cancer- #3

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