Things I’m excited about that don’t involve cancer- #4

I’ve been a downer lately so I thought I’d bring back a nice fun post for you all.

For the past 2 years I’ve been invited back to my old college to speak to a media studies class about my job.  I work for Fox as a national sales assistant and in the class they learn about media sales.  I remember being in that class and thinking “I’ll literally never use this crap.”  And then I got hired in media sales.  Anyways, I was invited back for the 3rd time this year and when it came time to schedule my trip to Dubuque, Iowa, I knew exactly when to do it.

My senior year of college I threw a big Derby party for everyone and it quickly became one of everyone’s favorite parties.  We got all fancy, made some sweet ass hats, placed our bets, watched the race, drank Mint Juleps, had some photo shoots, and got hammered.  It was brilliant.

Last year when I realized I had scheduled this trip on the same weekend as the derby I almost cried.  Finally… we get to relive Derby Day 2013.  So I invited a few friends from home, made a reservation on our favorite booze cruise, and instructed everyone to bust out their best derby attire once again.

So when I got the email to come back this year you know I checked to see when the derby was.  So the weekend of May 6th (barring anything horrible happening so cross your fingers) I’ll be off to Dubuque once again with my over the top hat to take a cruise on the American Lady and watch the ponies run.  With everything going on lately I can’t help but count down the days to this.  I can’t wait to see all my friends and have a genuinely good time without my mind constantly focusing on everything going on at home. These are my people.  These are the people that I’ve turned to countless times over the last 3 months. They are the people that have taken the best care of me.  This trip has always been fun but this year it’s practically therapeutic.


Things I’m excited about that don’t involve cancer- #4

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