Things I’m Excited About that don’t involve cancer- #5

This is probably going to be a little sappy and I’m sorry.  I’ll keep it as tolerable as possible.

I’m going to see my boyfriend this weekend and I’m really excited.  Basically since December I’ve been up to visit him in Cedar Rapids maybe one time.  Right when everything started we had a conversation about how it just wasn’t going to be possible for me to go and visit him as much.  I told him right away that I didn’t expect him to come to Chicago every weekend because it wasn’t fair.  When we got into our long distance relationship that was one of my biggest promises to him- we’d keep everything as fair as possible travel wise.  So of course, being the great human he is, he ignored my “fairness” rule and came in basically every weekend.

I can’t imagine coming to see me was always exciting.  I was crabby, I cried all the time, I didn’t want to go out, my dad could be irritable, my mom could be depressed, something bad could happen; and yet he still came every time.  He carried me through this.  He could see when I was in my own head and never stopped asking me to share what was going on. He begged my mom to give him things to do so that he could help.  He ran countless errands, did numerous food runs, acted as a sounding board for all three of us, and did whatever he could to help.  Never once did he complain and never once was he mad that I hadn’t come to see him.  I can’t explain how grateful I am or how much I love him.

So finally, after all this time, I get to go back and visit him.  The best part about this weekend? We literally have nothing planned.  It’s perfect because it’s really one of the first times it’s just going to be the two of us.  We can catch up on our shows, cook dinner, bum around in the hot tub, go for a drive- the possibilities of lazy day activities are endless.  And the fact that I get to drive to him makes me so happy.  I know it doesn’t even pale in comparison to everything that he’s done for me but it’s a start.  I can start by driving four hours to see him.

Mushy song for a mushy post:

Father John Misty- Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)


Sorry for all the sap.


Things I’m Excited About that don’t involve cancer- #5

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