PurpleStride Chicago- 4/30/16

Just thought I’d share some pictures from the walk on Saturday.  It was a really great event despite the rain!  Our team raised over 10k so we got access to a special area with a table so we posted up early with bakery items and OJ and waited for the team to get there!  I knew because we finished in the top 3 teams that we were going to get some sort of recognition (which wound up being a certificate and a really nice award) but I didn’t realize that they would be awarding the top 3 fundraisers as well.  I guess I just assumed they would recognize the person who raised the most money so as I’m fighting with my friends telling them that I’m not getting anything I hear “With $7,725 dollars raised…”  So I had to go up there and be all awkward but it was really nice actually.  I got a medal and a certificate and my uncle got really emotional and everyone was hugging me and I was pretty proud of myself.  Which, if you know me at all I’m not one to recognize my own accomplishments.

Anyways Team Papa Z raised $17,640 and had by far the coolest team shirts!



PurpleStride Chicago- 4/30/16

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