Cancer Mistakes

I found my first “cancer mistake” at work today.  Basically anything that went wrong at work during the month of march I’m blaming it on cancer.

I work as a National Sales Assistant for Fox in Chicago.  My day to day work usually includes inputting and maintaining current orders.  Basically, I place advertisements throughout the country for the network.  A lot of my job includes manually inputting information about the spots into our traffic system.  So I’m inputting things like program, spot length, rate, rating, time periods, and so on.  The job has a lot of room for error to begin with but add your dad dying of cancer into the mix and I guess your bound to make a few mistakes.

I got an email yesterday from a buyer’s assistant about a discrepant spot.  I went back into the order and tried to figure out what it was.  Once I found the discrepant spot (which turns out I not only input it for the wrong week I sent is as a :15 second spot instead of a :30 second spot) I went into the history tab to find out when I sent this change.  It was 3/24 and within 2 seconds of looking at the calendar I knew why I made the mistake.

3/24 was a Thursday and I went into work an hour and a half late that morning.  Why?  Well because at 3 am on Thursday morning my dad decided he wanted to make soup.  I was in bed upstairs when I heard plates and pans crashing into the sink.  I went downstairs to find my dad standing at the sink, dishpan in hand, with the water running, and all the dishes in the sink.  I happened to take a look at the stove, which thank God I did, because my dad had placed a ceramic bowl over the flame on the stove with nothing inside of it. I immediately grabbed a towel and took the bowl off the flame and it shattered on the counter shortly after that.  My dad was in a haze because of his ammonia levels being so high but he managed to tell me that he was trying to make soup but he got confused.  I told him to go lay down and I’d make him some soup.  So there I was, 3:30 am, making soup, and crying.

I sat with him in bed and helped him eat, making sure he didn’t spill on himself, and cleaning up whatever soup managed to miss his mouth and fall on the floor.  Once he was done I cleaned all the dishes and went to bed.  The next morning I called my boss and explained what happened and asked if it was ok if I slept in a little and came to work late. She, being the sweet angel woman she is, said of course.  I came into work exhausted and made my cancer mistake.

I know there’s more mistakes out there and I’m going to find them more and more now. It’s crappy because A) I hate making mistakes and B) now my mistakes are going to take me back to those tough moments with my dad- the moments I’m trying so hard to forget.

It’s not the end of the world.  I think the buyer will take a partial credit and we won’t lose a lot of money which is good.  I just hate that it happened and I hate that I know why it happened.



Cancer Mistakes

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