I made it through… kinda

I did what I said I would do and I sat through the Father/Daughter dance at my friend’s wedding this weekend.  I sobbed. I sobbed as soon as the announced it and I sobbed for about 10 minutes after it was done too.  I was coming off some very emotional best men speeches from my friends and I had been anticipating it all night so I’m sure I worked myself into a tizzy on some level but I sat there and I made it through.  I was so embarrassed afterwards but most of the people at my table knew what I had gone through this year and I was met with an arm around my shoulder from my boyfriend, hand holding from my two friends next to me, tissues from my friend’s girlfriend at the next table, and reassurance that I wasn’t being dramatic from my friend across the way.  I was lucky afterwards because apparently the groom’s mother made a very emotional speech while I was outside getting some fresh air.  I went into the bathroom and the woman next to me noticed my blood shot eyes and said “oh I know, her speech just tore me apart too!”  So, I wound up being in the clear since most of the guests at the wedding wound up crying too.

Aside from the crying, the wedding was beautiful.  The bride and the groom were adorable, the food was good, the music was awesome (who plays Hakuna Matata at a wedding because I wanna hire that guy), and the company was fantastic.  I spent the whole night drinking and dancing and laughing with my friends.  Out of all the weddings Zack and I have been to together (8 so far) this one is close to the top of the list!  Now we get a nice long break until the next wedding in September.



I made it through… kinda

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