Bad News

When my dad was diagnosed I reached out the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for help. They set me up with a few different people to talk to in an attempt to make the transition into my new life a little easier and to maybe get some perspective on what my journey might look like.  One of the people on that list was a woman living on the east coast who was only a couple of years older than me.  Her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 PC almost a year earlier.  I thought of all the people maybe someone around my age might be able to give me the best perspective.

We talked back and forth via email for a while about my dad’s diagnosis, her husbands treatment, and how life had changed for both of us so far. After a while though she realized she couldn’t give me much more guidance since my dad’s prognosis escalated pretty quickly.  She added me to a Facebook support group she had started for Young Pancreatic Cancer survivors and we kept in touch through the group and the occasional Facebook chat.  She of course messaged me when he passed and a few times since then to see how I was doing.  She’s forever in the back of my mind because her husband is one of the lucky few that responded to various treatments and has battled this for nearly two years now.

Unfortunately the other day she let our group know that her husband stopped responding to treatments and they’d enrolled him in in-home hospice to make the next step in their journey easier. I’m just gutted because he seemed to be the one that was going to beat this.  I know that the odds were never good, but it can happen, and I was always hoping it would be him.  They’re a young couple, only married a few years, and they have a daughter that needs her dad.  It’s crazy to think that a year ago this woman was helping me get through the worst time in my life and now she’s starting the worst time in hers.

I don’t want to give her name or anything but if you could offer up prayers, good vibes, or whatever you believe in to her and her family I’d appreciate it.

If you’d like to offer up even more than that to feel free to donate here: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


Bad News

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